Tresguerras Logistics Distribution Centers

Tresguerras Logistics partnered with us to build 3 distribution centers using our reliable structural steel, customized to fit each location's specific capabilities. The steel was fabricated by the Faber by Kalisch team, including girders and roofing for all three facilities.



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January 10, 2023


3 Locations


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Tresguerras Logistics Distribution Centers

Project Description

To fulfill the transportation demands Tresguerras Logistics has had in recent years, they partnered with us to build 3 of their recent distribution centers with the reliability of our structural steel. It was essential for this project to adjust to each of the different location areas and the specific capabilities they would offer in each location.

The Faber by Kalisch team fabricated all the steel across this location, this included the impressive girders to support all the structure and the roofing for these three facilities.

Photos of updates on this project coming soon.

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