Eje 10 Station

Our steel fabrication project in Chalco, Estado de Mexico is a remarkable development for collaboration and precision. With 493 tons of steel, our team is fully equipped to meet the tight schedule head-on, utilizing advanced steel fabrication techniques and meticulous planning.


La Peninsular Constructora

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January 11, 2024


Estado de Mexico, Mexico


493 Tons
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Eje 10 Station

Project Description

Nestled in the bustling main roads of Chalco, Estado de Mexico, the steel fabrication project we're undertaking is nothing short of remarkable. With a total of 493 tons of steel, this project is a testament to the power of collaboration and precision. Our team understands that time is of the essence in this project, and we're fully equipped to meet the tight schedule head-on.

We'll leverage advanced construction techniques, optimized workflows, and meticulous planning to ensure that every step, from cutting and welding to assembly and installation, is executed with pinpoint accuracy and lightning speed. But speed is just one component of this project. Precision is equally critical.

Our team comprises skilled engineers and meticulous craftsmen who will meticulously shape, mold, and bend each piece of steel with unwavering accuracy. Every detail, from the smallest weld bead to the most intricate structural element, will be crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. When completed, the result will be a masterpiece of steel fabrication that embodies the spirit of excellence.

Photos of updates on this project coming soon.

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