Coppel Commercial Stores

Faber by Kalisch has been working with Coppel since mid-2019 to provide high-quality fabrication and erection services for over 30 stores across Mexico, showcasing their structural solutions and expertise. Their collaboration has consistently delivered facilities that meet the requirements of Coppel's customers.



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January 10, 2023


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Coppel Commercial Stores

Project Description

We have been working in partnership with Coppel, one of the largest retail stores in Mexico, since mid-2019 when we completed our first structural steel project together. Our primary objective is to deliver precise and high-quality fabrication and erection services for every project we undertake.

Our collaboration with Coppel has involved the fabrication of structural steel and steel roof decking for over 30 stores across Mexico. Each store project presents unique challenges and opportunities for our team to showcase the versatility of our structural solutions and the benefits of working with Faber by Kalisch.

Our team has consistently provided unparalleled expertise and support for each of these projects, ensuring that Coppel's facilities meet the requirements of their customers.

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