January 6, 2023

The role of structural steel fabricators in the Silicon Valley exodus

As more and more tech companies and investors relocate from Silicon Valley to other areas in the US, steel structure fabricators like Faber by Kalisch are playing a crucial role in their relocation strategies.

Silicon Valley in California has been a center where investors and tech companies are born and grow in the past decades. This is about to change. Industry giants, like Tesla and Dell, began relocating, and steel structure fabricators with expert capabilities are main participants in the relocation strategies of these companies.

With more than 35 companies moving to Austin, Texas, according to data from the Austin Chamber of Commerce, and others moving to other cities in Texas, or even going all over to the east cost to Miami, Florida, a trusted, and reliable steel fabricator is necessary for a cost-optimized and effective steel erecting strategy for new buildings, factories, and plants.

One of the main reasons of this business transition to the “Silicon Hills”, as some executives refer to, is originated by the constant increase in real state prices, restrictions, and tax laws that affect the industry.

Companies started to look for new places where to implement their growth strategies effectively and with more flexibility. Even with a global pandemic, an effective expansion strategy and a constant search for new locations at the south of the US, has been more attractive than staying in Silicon Valley.

Participation of steel structure fabricators, like Faber by Kalisch, has been highlighted in these transitions. Effective deliveries and clear logistics are key factors in a successful relocation, taking advantage of all the benefits of moving to Texas or Florida.

Faber by Kalisch offer expert steel solutions, with experience in more than 100 projects along all United States and Mexico. Our team will be happy to know about your project and join you during its development.

The beginning of a new era in the tech industry is already in development. Cutting-edge and custom steel structures are the foundation and the current footprint of this era. Choosing and working together an expert structure fabricator is one of the first steps in your relocation roadmap.

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