Sustainability: the relationship between sports and steel structures

January 6, 2023
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Today we celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, so we wanted to focus on how an infrastructural development through steel structures affect how we participate and experience sports, and how steel structures can relate and align with this year’s global theme for this day.

This year’s theme is “Securing a Sustainable and Peaceful Future for All: The Contribution of Sport.” It is interesting how the words “secure” and “sustainable” also define the structural steel market and the solutions delivered by Faber by Kalisch. Nevertheless, this is not a coincidence.

Sports accessibility is directly related to the structural steel projects developed by public or private organizations. Multipurpose sport steel complexes are being made in places where sport wasn’t present before. Communities benefit from having this type of structural steel centers, where not only the physical aspect of people’s life is improving, but also social and economical aspects also make progress.

For example, the IV Centenario Gym at Aguascalientes, Mexico, with space for 4 professional basketball courts is the house of various basketball academies where children and youth can be introduced to this sport in a fully functional court and facility, helping sustainable development for the people near this complex. This was possible thanks to the structural steel expert solutions provided by Faber by Kalisch.

The benefits of choosing steel over other building materials for structural design is the reason why sport investors are looking for expert steel solutions. Structural steel requires less maintenance, stadiums are faster to erect, load resistant, and durable.

With the upcoming Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, Stadium 974 has been in the headlines of almost every newspaper because of how it takes all the advantages of structural steel fabrication. Built near Doha Port, Stadium 974 is made out of steel containers installed like Lego, with a steel structure skeleton, with the purpose of giving the stadium a transportable capability while maintaining safety for fans and players.

Ultimately, steel structures are being used and will continue to be used in a variety of ways to enhance sports venues and sporting activities, giving communities access to more options for personal development. Contact us now to learn more about how our expert steel solutions align to the objectives and expectations of your next project.

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