Faber Dogs
January 6, 2023

How a steel structure fabricator started sheltering dogs

Faber Kalisch, a steel structure fabrication plant located near a major highway in Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico, has implemented a unique program to help abandoned dogs that are often left on the side of the road. The program has been successful in treating the dogs like they are at home, providing them with a safe space, medical care, and grooming.

At our steel structure fabrication plant, strategically located near a major highway, we find a way to do some good in the community. This unique program has been a huge success, and it’s making both the dogs in need and the large fabrication plant very happy.

Our large plant is located on the outside of Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico. This city has an important location and is well-connected with all major cities in Mexico. In addition, our plant is in a great location to supply large structural steel projects across the U.S. We consider ourselves experts in logistics thanks to our 40+ years in the steel market.

The highway where our plant is located is constantly driven by people who don’t want or like their dogs, and they abandon them on the side of the road. We’ve seen many times that people just leave their dogs in front of our gate and drives away without even looking back. At first, we thought it was only happening once in a while, but as time passed we saw it more often.

Dogs are helpless creatures that depend on us for everything and deserve better than to be left behind by those who have failed to care for them. As soon as we realized what was going on, we at Faber Kalisch decided to start helping these poor animals out.

When a new dog arrives, we treat them like they are at home. Our employees adapt some spaces of our large plant and prepare their home. We make sure that, even though a steel fabrication plant could be dangerous for pets and humans, we follow all safety and security standards to keep everybody safe. From there, we schedule appointments with the vet and the pet beauty salon to get them in their best shape, just as they deserve.

Sam, our plant guide getting groomed.

As long as we want to have these dogs at our plant, we know that they will be better in a home where they can be loved and develop as it should be. Thankfully, families come around to meet our doggy friends and take them home. At Faber by Kalisch, we are committed to do our best for our projects, partners and communities.

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