January 6, 2023

A solar future made possible by steel structures

The adoption of solar technologies is a top priority for companies looking to optimize resources and improve profit margins. Steel structures provide a sturdy foundation for these solutions, with the right combination of strength and weight to support any type of solar panel.

In recent years, the adoption of solar panels or solar technologies has become one of the top priorities of a company. The advantages of using them in the most cost-effective and functional way help companies optimize their resources, improve their profit margins and ensure a quick return of investment (ROI).

One of the most creative and beneficial ways to use solar panels in a business is to install them over the pergolas in parking lots. This solution provides shade and shelter for employees and visitors cars, but also generates solar energy and utilizes a space that is not normally used. That is the reason why is more common to see this solution in more and more parking lots.

But the solar panels are only part of the sustainability formula. The steel structures underneath these panels are what make the solar future of businesses possible. Structural steel has the right combination of strength and weight to support any type of solar panel related solution.

Steel structures, for example, provide a sturdy foundation for parking lot canopies, porches or pergolas. This type of structures are designed to withstand the load of solar panels, weather conditions and the specific requirements of each company.

Backed by decades of research and testing, steel structures are reliable and exceed expectation protecting investments in solar technologies. In addition, experience in the steel fabrication industry guarantees a long-lasting, high quality structural solution. The upsides of using steel over other materials, plus the professional structure fabrication are key in the process of adopting solar solutions.

Regardless of how structural steel and solar panels are combined and used, both work together with the same goal of increasing industrial sustainability and leaving an even smaller environmental footprint, helping companies become truly green, and receive all the benefits associated with honestly achieving this title, including professionalism, reliability, trust, and even financial incentives and attractive marketing campaigns.

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